Orlando 2018



* Please sign up for Orlando trip text updates.Simply text @shsfl18 to 81010.

* The next trip payment is due onFebruary 17. Check your“My Gateway” account for your exact amount. If you wish to use Charmsfunds for this payment you must request a transfer byFebruary 2 using THIS form.

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Working TripItinerary

“My Gateway” Login

Registration and Quick Trip Info

Payment Schedule

Charms Transfer to Trip Request Form

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Paying for the Trip

There are three ways to make trip payments:

1.Payment Method #1 – pay by check:

* Make check payments payable to: Gateway Music Festivals & Tours

* Mail your checks no lessthan 15 days PRIOR to the due date

* Mail checks to: PO Box 1165, Monticello, MN 55362

Please indicate your group’s name, all passengers’ names, and how much of the payment should be applied to each passenger. It may take up to one week after Gateway receives your payment for it to be reflected on your My Gateway profile, therefore get your check in the mail 15 days prior to the due date. If you would like to purchase additional travel insurance, include this with your check payment and please note it with a separate letter

2.Payment Method #2 – pay by credit card (via PayPal) online through My Gateway

* Go to www.musicfestivals.com.

* Click on the “My Gateway” button.

* Log in to your “My Gateway” account.

* Click on “Make a Payment” under the “Payments” header.

* Follow the prompts to make a payment.

* If you would like to purchase additional travel insurance, you can do so by checking the appropriate box.

There is a convenience fee of 2.2% plus $0.30 per transaction to use the online payment method. This amount will be displayed separately from your tour payments. When you select the “Buy Now” button you will be directed to the PayPal website where you can securely enter your credit card or bank information. Gateway Music Festivals & Tours never shares your information with third parties.

3.Payment Method #3 – pay using fundraised monies in Charms

* Log onto your Charms account to check your balance. Remember you may only use excess funds AFTER all current and new and upcoming fees are paid.

* After you haveconfirmed the amount in Charms - useTHIS FORM to request a transfer from Charms to yourOrlando trip account.

* Adults traveling on the trip can use their child’s Charms funds ONLY if the student’saccount Orlando trip is paid at the same amounts and ONLY if you are the legal guardian of the Charms child’s Charms account. Verification will be required and a request may bedenied for any reason.

* Due to the amount of time required to send the requested funds to the company - requests must be submitted no less than 15 days PRIOR to a payment date.

Payment Schedule

The payment schedule will be displayed in your “My Gateway” account online. Per the terms and conditions you agree to when registering, “Services are subject to cancellation by Gateway Music Festivals & Tours, Inc. if payments are not received by their due dates.”

Waitlist for delinquent payments

If you fall two or more payments behind you will be at risk of being moved to a waitlist. Once your account is paid to date we will reinstate your account within 48 to 72 hours based on your group’s tour availability

Cancellation Penalties and Dates

* $50 Deposit Non-Refundable upon receipt

* $50 Non-Refundable deposit and 25% land 1/3/2018

* $50 Non-Refundable deposit and 50% land 1/17/2018

* Entire air ticket and 75% land 3/3/2018

* Entire air ticket and 100% land 4/17/2018

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