London 2019-20


This page will be updated as the trip nears. In the meantime, the page will be full of manyreferences from our 2015-16 London Trip to help you get a feel for what you might expect on the next trip.

Current Announcements

TheIntroductory London Trip meeting will take place on Tuesday,March27 at the Southmoore HighSchool bandroom.Click HERE for the official invitation.

TheLondon Invitation Ceremony will take place Tuesday, April 10 @ 9 AM in the Southmoore High School Auditorium.


The following is paperwork from our last trip, much of this will be duplicated and some updated. Stay tuned.

Click HERE to read the official 2015-16 London trip packet.

Click HERE to read a statement from the parade organizers regarding safety.

Click HERE to view the 2015-16 Trip Deposit form

Click HERE to view the 2015-16 Trip Chaperone form

Click HERE to see the 2015-16 Trip Insurance Inclusions

Trip Videos

These are a few videos from the last trip (many are from Mr. Burton - Thanks!)

News OK Story - London Invite

KOCO London Invite

KWTV Prior to Travel Story

LNYDP Video - Southmoore Band

Behind the Scenes - Hey Baby Performance for BBC “Good Morning Britain” National Morning Show

Parent/Friends Grandstands Performance

Fight Song at Trafalgar Square

Concert Band Performance of Oklahoma at St. John’s

Jazz Band Performance at St. John's

Greeting after National TV Performance

TV Grandstands Performance

“On Location” Videos

Mr. Mewhorter traveled to London in late June 2015 to attend a series of meetings related to the upcoming trip. He also had the chance to visit a few of the sights we will see while in London. In an attempt to preview our trip, Mr. Mewhorter made a few very lame videos with cringe worthy humor. To view simply click on the links below. These videos are awful…really, but here you go.

Intro Video

Big Clock

Big Wheel

Changing of the Guard

Piccadilly Circus

Concert Hall

Parade Start

Parade Middle

Parade End

Abbey Road

Heathrow Departure

London Links

Parade Website

Travel Company Page

Southmoore Instrumental Arts 2018